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March 2024
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Scott Ritchie
If you can't take a joke... Don't sign on the dotted line!

aka - Scotty-too-Hottie


Age: 32


  • Fire Fighting Essentials
  • Inital Fire Attack II
  • ISO 100 Certified
  • ISO 200 Certified
  • ISO 700 Certified
  • ISO 800 Certified 

Occupation: "Beer Man" - A.J. Missert's

Scotty joined the Morristown Vol. Fire and Rescue Squad in 1995 with a desire to help the village and town, and the people that lived there. Scott was also drawn to the department because of the brotherhood that is gained through being a member. Scott's father was a firefighter and he has joined many of his uncles, and cousins who are also in the department.  

Scott is a sports nut. He enjoys following professional Basketball, Baseball, and Football.

Msgr Snow and I hit a rock wall on Rt 58 in the town of Macomb. Kit Smith called us and asked us about the damage to the rock wall. Msgr Snow simply replied, "I'll see you at the station," then turned to me and told me never to tell anyone about it.

Fire Fighter Scott Ritchie

Fire Fighter Scott Ritchie

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