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Home of Morristown New York's Bravest

Home of Morristown New York's Bravest

Morristown Fire Department
2024 July 4th events
Wednesday July 3rd @ Dusk
Fireworks display behind FD
Thursday July 4th
10:00AM on Main Street
Steve Spilman Memorial Parade
11:30AM @ FD
Chicken BBQ
Kids Games
Craft Fair
Car show
Waterball Tournament
50/50 raffle
Games of Chance
Food tent
Ice cold drinks

The history of the Morristown Fire Department

The St. Lawrence County Hook & Ladder Co. No. 1
was organized in 1894,sometime prior to the 7th
of May. E.W. Hooker was the First Foreman of the
company. The Company met at the Gleanor Office
until Chapman Hall over the glove works was rented
as a meeting hall on May 9, 1894.
The first fire call
answered by the company was on July 4th 1894,
when they quickly extinguished a fire on the roof of
the warehouse of A. Rowlands. The first major fire
occurred on October 14, 1894 when six stores and
two houses were destroyed.
On July 4, 1900, the
St. Lawrence County Hook & Ladder Co.
No. 1 started the tradition of a Fourth of July
Celebration. Although this tradition has suffered
many interruptions, it has continued to the
In 1910, a hose reel was
purchased and the St. Lawrence County Hose Co.
No. 1 was organized. The Hook & Ladder and the
Hose Companies remained somewhat separate
organizations each with their own set of officers.
In 1914 the first reference is made to the
Morristown Fire Department as comprising both
companies. William J. Loose was the Chief
of the Fire Department at the time.

Throughout this time the Morristown Fire
Department provided yeoman fire service to the
Village of Morristown and the surrounding area.
In addition, the Fire Department was one of the
centers of the social life of the community.

The next major piece of fire equipment acquired
by the department for its fire service was a new
truck purchased in May, 1935, at the cost of
$300. This Ford pumper served the department
faithfully for many years. The Ford pumper
was reputed to be an exceptional piece of
equipment, with a pumping capacity far beyond
expectations. Although replaced by other equipment
after the second World War, the Ford pumper was
used as back-up protection for the Village.

After the Second World War, with the return of many
men to the community, a major up-dating of the
equipment of the department was undertaken to
improve fire service.
During 1948 an E & J
Resuscitator was purchased and used effectively as
part of the rescue equipment. In August of 1949
the Fire Department purchased a 1938 LaSalle
ambulance. About the same time a GMC chassis
was purchased and used for the construction of a
rural pumper. Utilizing a Chrysler motor and a
pump from a surplus trailer, the department
purchased iron plate and angles, and fabricated
a body which included a six hundred gallon tank.
The project of constructing the pumper
covered six months and demanded many
hours of donated labor from most of the
members of the Department.
With the above
mentioned equipment, along with a Pierce-Arrow
Squad Car, the Morristown Fire Department faced
a housing problem. Late in 1949, the members
of the Department converted part of the
village hall into a fire hall. The house warming
for the new fire hall was held on January 9, 1950.
The hall provided parking for the vehicles, storage
for related equipment, a recreation-meeting
room and kitchen facilities. This hall with further
modifications and improvements was used until
Since 1950, the Morristown Fire Department
has continued to improve and increase equipment
in order to improve its service to the community.
The Fire Service was improved by the acquisition
of a tanker-pumper and a large tank truck.
The Rescue Service was augmented by the
acquisition in 1965 of a Ford Econoline van as an
emergency vehicle, and the ambulance was
replaced in 1968 by the purchase of a
1964 Cadillac ambulance.

1970 was a banner year for the
Morristown Fire Department.
The Department purchased a new Sanford
pumper, a major addition to the Department's
firefighting capabilities. In 1970, the
department dedicated and moved into its
80 feet by 60 feet new fire station
located at 200 Morris Street in the Village of
Morristown, Bernard N. Crosby was Fire Chief.
The Fire Department still uses this
fire station but in 1976 the department added a
70 feet by 60 feet addition
for use as the bingo hall, Mike Bogart was
Fire Chief when the bingo hall was added.
In 1999, a 30 feet by 60 feet
addition was added on to house the departments
two ambulances and the tractor trailer
tanker, Kevin Crosby was Fire Chief during
this addition.
January 1, 2020 the Village of Morristown 
was dissolved paving way for the formation
of the Morristown Fire District.
The Morristown Fire District took over all of
the aspects of the fire department that
were once the Village of Morristown's
Also in 2020, the fire department added
a 40 feet by 70 feet cold storage addition
behind the fire station to house the
antique fire truck, the rescue boat and
the pickup truck.  James "Jay" Moore was
the fire chief when this building was built.

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