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June 2024
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2010 Fireman's Banquet
2010 Morristown Vol Fire and Rescue Squad's Firemans Banquet
Morristown Fire Department Years of Service Front Row: Dave Hoffman, Gail Gassert, 1st Asst. Chief; Dean Hoffman and Richard Gilbo All With 10 Years of Service. Back Row: Claude Barse 25 Years of Service, Fire Chief Kevin Crosby, Ed Gagnon 20 Years of Service
Morristown Honorary Member John "Jack" Taylor in front 1st Asst. Chief Dean Hoffman, Fire Chief Kevin Crosby and Ed Gagnon
Prescott Ontario Canada Fire Chief Bill Lawrence holding a bronzed bell his department gave to the Morristown Ladies Aux. Back Row: 2nd Asst. Aux. Chief Heather Colby, Aux. Chief Sally Barse and 1st Asst. Aux Chief Tracy Gagnon
Prescott Ontario Canada Fire Department Donates Bronzed axe and pike pole to Morristown Fire Department Front Row: Barry Moorhouse; PFD, Brent Norton; PFD, and John Houston; PFD Back Row: Kevin Crosby; MFD, Robert "Happy" Gilmour; PFD, Dean Hoffman; MFD, Bill Lawrence; PFD, Ed Gagnon; MFD
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