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January 2019
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Welcome to the Motown Message Board! I hope everyone will find this site to be a fun and exciting addition to the Morristown Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squad. The Members of the squad hope that everyone will enjoy being able to use this site to get important community information, and also, to be able to better get ahold of them. If anyone has the time, probably 2 minutes, please take our really quick survey and let us know if there is something you like, dislike, or if there is something that you would like to see improved on this site.

Again, I personally hope everyone enjoys the site.... and have fun with it ! If anyone is interested in viewing some of the other projects that I have worked on, you may visit my business' site at the address below. If anyone has any info that they would like included in one of the news sections, please email your content to the station, and upon the members' review and approval, we will get everything up for you.


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